Cats - not drunken (yet)

In winter, everything is covered with snow in Rochester. People gather and drink to keep their spirits high and warm. If you are a cat, however, you just need to hide yourself with your peer cats, and hope the white/cold stuff goes away as soon as possible.


It was such a happy scene when we found a mama cat and three fluffy kittens under a broken shed in the backyard. On a spring day. Caitie and Masha tried to make friends with them and approached with the "kiti-kiti-kiti" sound. But the three fluffy babies were cautious ones (and rightly so). They poked their heads out of the darkness under an ill-installed wooden balcony but didn't move any further.


Today, we found the mama cat and the kittens taking a walk in the sun. The kids are still cautious and flew away from us. The mama was slightly more curious about a white guy and an asian girl, and graciously stared back at us (*pic) with the relaxed mama attitude. We also found that the young ones were jumping and playing everywhere including the Hoppie bed. I guess Florian's comment wasn't so extremely inaccurate.... 


Anyway, it's good to have happy cats in the backyard. In the evening, after they go back to their sleeping place, we can also see a lot of fireflies coming and going. I like Rochester especially when -- the cats would agree with me -- the white/cold stuff is not there.

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