Today's hoppies

Hoppies are doing well. They are growing like little busters. I have no technical knowledge about growing hops, so I don't know whether they need more sunlight or water or both.... But I am too lazy to look these things up online. I cannot move the sun, and don't particularly want to carry more water unless that's absolutely necessary. So I'm swaying in a hammock and feeling happy about them.


The right most guy was a fast starter in terms of the growth rate but is not running in front of everybody any more. I found that one of his leaves has shrunk a bit and has white spots. I hope that is not a weird disease or anything. Florian said it must be a sign of a stupid cat eating the leaves. I seriously doubt a stupid cat could leave white spots on leaves. But the cat would be happily tipsy and having her early October fest if that's the case. So I'm still swaying in a hammock and feeling happy about the cat. 

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