My collaborators: 

[at Rochester]

Michael K. Tanenhaus [website]

T. Florian Jaeger [website]

Meredith Brown [website] (now at Tufts/MGH)

Amanda Pogue [website]

Sarah Bibyk

Daniel Pontillo


[at U Illinois]

Rachel Ryskin

Sarah Brown-Schmidt


[at Stanford]

Eve V. Clark [website]

Meghan Sumner [website]

Michael C. Frank [website]

Roey Gafter [website]

Marisa Cassilas [website] (now at MPI)

Stephan Meylan (now at Berkeley)

3 projects I'm working on (as of Jan.10, 2019)

Teaching BCS 206/207 Undergraduate research in Cognitive Sciences [syllabus]

and BCS 259 Language Development


Prosodic adaptation studies under way!


Eye-tracking studies on perceived reliability of a talker on pragmatic inferences