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So, as you know, Florian has HLP Lab at University of Rochester (and its blog*1). It's such an awesome group of smart/cool psycholinguistic gangstars.


Hereby I start my own HOP Lab blog -- a blog about my hops I'm growing in the backyard. Literally. Hops. The plant you use to brew beer.


Dave Kleinschmidt is a Bayesian beer brewer and he decided to grow some hops for his beer. Florian offered a space in his backyard and I volunteered to be a nanny of the little hoppies. It's pretty awesome to have your own hoppies to take care of. I'm an acquisitionist after all. I fully intend to support my little green kids to develop their tree structures. 


It's been about a month since we planted them. I should have started blogging about them earlier, and I cannot reconstruct all the details of their infancy. Here are some highlights of the early stages of their development.



*1) HLP = Human Language Processing

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Prosodic adaptation studies under way!


Eye-tracking studies on perceived reliability of a talker on pragmatic inferences